• DLNA Revolution HD2S+

    Explain what DMP, DMR, DMS stands for

        D-digital digital devices
        M-media Processing device for transmitting various data (video, audio)
        last letters indicate the device itself.

        DMS - Media Server, the device containing the content, and which can make available networked digital media player (DMP) and digital media player (DMR). This could be for example a computer with the software installed to support DLNA.
        DMP - Media Player (DMP): finds the content on the digital media server (DMS) and provides playback. This TVs, stereos and home theater, wireless monitors and game consoles.
        DMR - Digital Media Renderer (DMR): Larger than DMP devices reproduces content that includes a media server at the same time, it can be used for other devices.

    Broadly present in the description of DMP / DMR / DMS expressly declines any meaning because it has a DLNA protocol is standardized and describes the support for such devices. But as they say, and you can write some technical terms for the solidity


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